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Genetics and Molecular Biology seek to understand how the molecules that make up cells determine the behaviour of living things. Molecular biology is the study of biology at a molecular level. The field overlaps with other areas of biology and chemistry, particularly genetics and biochemistry. Molecular biology chiefly concerns itself with understanding the interactions between the various systems of a cell, including the interrelationship of DNA, RNA and protein synthesis and learning how these interactions are regulated. Genetics is the study of genes, inheritance and variation in living organisms. It is commonly considered a field of biology which intersects frequently with many of life sciences and is strongly related with the study of information systems. While the average height of the two corn stalks may be heritably determined to be equal, the one in the arid climate only grows to half the height of the one in the temperate weather, due to lack of nutrients and water in its environment. Genetics conferences and Molecular biology conferences creates a plat form to all young scientists, Researchers to discuss pros and cons under a single roof.

Molecular Biology conferences covers a wide scope of problems related to molecular and cell biology including structural and functional genomics, proteomics, bioinformatics, biomedicine, molecular enzymology, molecular virology and molecular immunology, theoretical bases of biotechnology, physics and physical chemistry of proteins and nucleic acids. Unlike the majority of journals dealing with these subjects, Molecular Biology exercises a multidisciplinary approach and presents the complete pattern of relevant basic research mostly in Eastern Europe. Molecular Biology publishes general interest reviews, mini-reviews, experimental and theoretical works and computational analyses in molecular and cell biology.

Conferenceseries organizes 1000+ Conferences Every Year across USA, Europe & Asia with support from 1000 more scientific conferences and Publishes 700+ Open Access Journals which contains over 50000 eminent personalities, reputed scientists as editorial board members.

Conference Series is an amalgamation of Open Access Publications and worldwide international science conferences and events. Established in the year 2007 with the sole aim of making the information on Sciences and technology "Open Access", Conference Series publishes 700 online open access scholarly journals in all aspects of Science, Engineering, Management and Technology journals. Conference Series has been instrumental in taking the knowledge on Science & technology to the doorsteps of ordinary men and women. Research Scholars, Students, Libraries, Educational Institutions, Research centers and the industry are main stakeholders that benefitted greatly from this knowledge dissemination. Conferenceseries also organizes 1000 International conferences annually across the globe, where knowledge transfer takes place through debates, round table discussions, poster presentations, workshops, symposia and exhibitions.

2020 conferences

2021 conferences

 Biotechnology ConferencesBiotechnology Events | Biotechnology Conferences 2018

Biotechnology Conferences March 5-7, 2018 London, UK
Theme: Future prospects for Biotechnology and Economic Growth

Conference Highlights:

CRISPR Based Technologies and Bio-productsIndustrial BiotechnologyPharmaceutical BiotechnologyBio economyBiotechnology and Bioprocess EngineeringMedical BiotechnologySystems and Synthetic BiotechnologyBiotechnology ApplicationsPlant and Agriculture BiotechnologyBiomass and BioenergyAlgal BiotechnologyEnvironmental BiotechnologyNano BiotechnologyBiotechnology Conferences 2018 USABiotechnology Investor and Partnering ForumCurrent Scenario in Biotechnology.

Cell and Gene Therapy Conferences Gene Therapy Conferences Cell Therapy Meetings

Cell and Gene Therapy Conferences March 15-17, 2018 London, UK
Theme: Exploring the novel research and innovations in Cell & gene therapy

Conference Highlights:

Stem Cell TherapiesCell Line DevelopmentVectors for Gene TherapyGene and Cell Therapy for Rare and Common DiseasesTissue Science and Regenerative MedicineMolecular Basis of EpigeneticsGene Therapy Conferences 2018 AsiaClinical Trials on Cell and Gene TherapyCell and Gene Therapy Conferences 2018 USAPlant Stem Cell RejuvenationBioengineering TherapeuticsNano TherapyGene Editing TechnologyAdvanced Gene TherapeuticsGenetics and Genomic MedicineGene Therapy CommercializationMarkets and Future Prospects for Cell and Gene Therapy

Genomics Conferences | Cell Biology ConferencesMolecular Biology Conferences:

Genomics Conferences May 21-23, 2018 Barcelona, Spain
Theme: Advanced Approaches in Genomics and Molecular Biology

Conference Highlights:

Cancer genomicsMolecular BiologyPlant GenomicsStructural BiologyStem Cell BiologyHuman GenomicsBioinformatics in GenomicsCell BiologyNext Generation SequencingComparative GenomicsFunctional GenomicsMolecular Biology Conferences 2018 AsiaPharmacogenomics and Clinical GenomicsGene Editing and CRISPR Based TechnologiesGenome MedicineBiomarkersMicrobial GenomicsProteomicsGenome EngineeringFuture Trends in GenomicsGenomics Market

Integrative Biology ConferencesBiology Conferences | Integrative Biology Meetings

Integrative Biology Conferences May 21-23, 2018 Barcelona, Spain

Theme: Contemporary collaborations of integral biology lead to a tremendous triumph.

Conference Highlights:

Integrative BiologyCell BiologyStem Cell BiologyDevelopmental BiologyMolecular Biology and BiochemistryStructural BiologyGenetic Engineering and rDNA TechnologyCancer BiologyGenomicsIntegrative Computational Biology and BioinformaticsSystems BiologyBio-EngineeringBiophysics

Synthetic Biology Conferences | Systems Biology Meetings | Synthetic Biology Events

Synthetic Biology Conferences  June 11-12, 2018 Rome, Italy

Theme: Design and construct new biological parts for novel functions

Conference Highlights:

Systems and Synthetic BiologySystems BiologyCRISPR-Cas9 Genome EditingComputational Systems BiologyCellular Systems BiologyMammalian Synthetic BiologySynthetic GenomicsSynthetic Gene NetworksIndustrial Systems and Synthetic BiologyCancer Systems BiologyApplications of Synthetic BiologyBiology EngineeringSynthetic BiotechnolgyPlant Synthetic BiologyPharmaceutical BiologyStructural and Molecular BiologyGenetic Engineering and rDNA TechnologyProteomics and TranscriptomicsNext Generation SequencingBio-Sensors and Bio-ElectronicsSynthetic Chemistry

Bioscience Conferences | Molecular Biology Conferences | Bioscience Meetings

Bioscience Conferences July 2-3, 2018 Vienna, Austria

Theme: A World of Opportunities with New Innovations in Bioscience

Conference Highlights:

BioscienceAgriculture BioscienceBiochemical EngineeringBiotechnology and Biomaterials scienceBiomedical ScienceBio pharmaceutics and BiochemistryBioprocess and Biological EngineeringCell BiologyComputational Biology and Systems Biology , Food ScienceGeneticsGenomics and ProteomicsMicrobiologyMolecular BiologyMolecular BiotechnologyMolecular Plant Sciences and EcologyTissue Engineering and Stem cell researchNano-BiotechnologyBio Science Market

Stem Cell ConferencesInternational Stem Cell Conferences Stem Cell Therapy Conferences:

Stem Cell Conferences  August 13-14, 2018 London, UK

Theme: Frontiers in Stem Cells & Regeneration

Conference Highlights:

Stem Cell TherapyStem cell, Stem cell treatmentSomatic Cell TherapyTissue RegenerationRegeneration and TherapeuticsTumour cell scienceStem Cell Conferences 2018 AsiaCell and Gene therapyStem Cell BiomarkersStem Cell Bio banking and Tissue preservationStem Cell TechnologiesStem Cell Nano-TechnologyStem Cell Apoptosis and Signal TransductionTissue science and EngineeringNovel Approaches in GTRPotential Applications of Stem cell TherapyRegenerative Medicine Conferences 2018 USAStem cell-BioinformaticsBiomaterial Engineering

Human Genetics ConferencesHuman Genetics MeetingsGenetics Conferences:

Human Genetics Conferences September 24-25, 2018 Berlin, Germany

Theme: Genetic Engineering & Gene Therapy: The Future of Evolution of the Human Race

Conference Highlights:

Human Genetic Engineering, Gene Therapy and Genetic Counseling, Stem Cell Research and Therapy, Genomic Medicine & Molecular Diagnostics, Oncogenomics and Cancer Heredity, Ethical & Social Implications of Gene Editing, Molecular Cytogenetics, Congenital Disorders, Neurodevelopmental Genetics and Disorders, Clinical Epigenetics, Clinical Trials and Regulatory Affairs, Genetics of Metabolic Disorders, Behavioral Genetics and Evolutionary Psychology, Nutritional Genomics, Genes and Environment, Genetic Epidemiology

Biotechnology conferencesBiotechnology Conferences 2018 EuropeBiotechnology Events:

Biotechnology Conferences October 11-12, 2018 Moscow, Russia

Theme: Novel Trends and Innovations in Biotechnology for Making Life Better

Conference Highlights:

Industrial and Microbial BiotechnologyBioeconomyBiotechnology in Medical and HealthcareSystems and Synthetic BiotechnologyBiotechnology Conferences 2018 AsiaGenetic Engineering and rDNA TechnologyPharmaceutical BiotechnologyNanobiotechnologyReproductive BiotechnologyPlant and Agriculture BiotechnologyEnvironmental BiotechnologyBiotechnology Conferences 2018 USABioremediation and BiodegradationBiomass and BioenergyBiotechnology and Bioprocess EngineeringBiotechnology and its ApplicationsCurrent Scenario in BiotechnologyAlgal Biotechnology

Regenerative Medicine Conferences | Tissue Engineering ConferencesRegenerative Medicine Events:

Regenerative Medicine Conferences October 18-20, 2018 Rome, Italy

Theme: Transforming Repairs into Regeneration

Conference Highlights:

Tissue EngineeringRegenerative MedicineStem CellsScaffolds in Regenerative MedicineTissue Repair and RegenerationStem Cell TreatmentsEmbryonic Stem CellCellular TherapiesRejuvenationTissue Science Conferences 2018 AsiaGene TherapiesImmunotherapyBiomaterials and BioengineeringStem Cell TransplantEthical and Legal IssuesTissue Science Conferences 2018 USACell EngineeringCell and Organ RegenerationTranslational MedicineBone Tissue EngineeringModels of RegenerationRegenerative Medicine MarketRegenerative Medicine EuropeStem Cell Treatment for DiabetesDental Stem CellsStem cell BiotechnologyNanotechnology in stem cells

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