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A Vaccine can be defined as a biological preparation that provides active acquired immunity to a particular disease. A vaccine typically consists of a disease-causative microorganism which is often prepared from killed or inactivated forms of the microbe, its toxins or one of its surface proteins. This agent stimulates the body's immune system to recognize it as threat, destroy it, and maintain a record of it, and any such successive similar infection can be more easily recognized by the immune system and destroyed.

Vaccines have been our best weapon against the world’s deadliest infectious diseases, including smallpox, polio, measles, and yellow fever. An effective virulent HIV vaccine would enable the body to fight with HIV virus and suppressing the symptoms of infection. Vaccines are the most powerful public health tools available and an AIDS vaccine would play a powerful role in ensuring the end to the AIDS epidemic. A HIV vaccine does not yet exist, but efforts to develop a vaccine against HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, have been underway for many years.

2019 conferences


Vaccines Conferences | Immunology Conferences | World Vaccine Congress Europe

Vaccines Conferences   November 09-10, 2017 Vienna, Austria

Theme: Advanced Technologies and Featured Challenges in Vaccine Research and Development

Conference Highlights:

Novel Vaccines - Research and Development, Vaccination for Viral Diseases, Human Papillomavirus Infection, Cancer Vaccine and Cancer Immunotherapy, Vaccination for bacterial Diseases, Infants/Children Vaccines, Human Vaccines - Infectious & Non Infectious Diseases, Vaccination for Pregnancy, Vaccination for older/aged people, Veterinary Vaccines, Plant-Based Vaccines, Clinical Trials in Animals Models, Side Effects of Vaccines, Vaccine Design-Immunoinformatics, Advances in Vaccine Delivery Technologies, Vaccination for Vector-borne Diseases, Vaccines for Neurodegenerative Disorder, Do Vaccines cause Autism?, Public Health Issues in Vaccines, Vaccines for International Traveller and Tropical diseases, Epidemiology of Vaccines


Vaccines 2018

Vaccines Conferences | Immunology Conferences | World Vaccine Congress Europe

Vaccines Conferences   June 14-16, 2018 Barcelona, Spain

Theme: Roadmap on the future of Vaccines Research

Conference Highlights:

Human Vaccines - Infectious & Non Infectious Diseases, Vaccine Research & Development, HIV Vaccines, Cancer Vaccines, Childhood Vaccines, Vaccine ConferencesVaccine Safety & Efficacy, Asian Vaccines Conferences 2018,Vaccination for pregnant women, Vaccine Adjuvants & Delivery Technologies, Veterinary vaccines, Geriatric Immunization,  Vaccines against Viral & Bacterial Diseases, American Vaccines Conferences 2018, Human Preventive & Therapeutic Vaccines, Hepatitis Vaccines, DNA Vaccines,  Mucosal Vaccines,  Plant-based Vaccines, HPV Vaccines, Travel Immunization, Vaccines against Vector-borne Diseases, Tuberculosis Vaccines

Vaccines Conferences | Immunology Conferences World Vaccine Congress 2018

Vaccines Conferences March 19-20, 2018 London, UK

Theme: Highlights of latest technologies and innovations in Vaccines and Immunization

Conference Highlights: 

Human Vaccines against Infectious Diseases; Vaccines ConferencesCancer, Malaria & TB Vaccines; HIV Vaccines; Immunizations & Bioterrorism; Combination & Conjugate Vaccines; DNA & Synthetic Vaccines; Travel & Edible Vaccines; Paediatric Vaccination; Vaccines for Immune Mediated Diseases; Veterinary Vaccines; Fish & Poultry Vaccines; Vaccines against Drugs‎; Vaccines & Autism; Geriatric Immunization; Vaccines for Pregnant Women & Neonates; Vaccines for Unconventional Diseases; Vaccine Conferences 2018Euro Vaccine Conferences; Vaccine Conferences List, Animal Models & Clinical Trials; Animal & Plant Derived Vaccines; Vectors, Adjuvants & Delivery Systems; Vaccine Production & Development; Cellular Immunology & Latest Innovations; Antibodies: Engineering & Therapeutics; Current Research & Future Challenges

Vaccine Conferences  | Vaccine design conferences| Vaccine design & production conferencesVaccine design & production conferences

 Vaccine Conferences  May 21-22, 2018, Vienna, Austria.  

Theme: Deliberation on modern vaccine research and development focusing on vaccine design, delivery and evaluation

Conference Highlights:

Vaccines Research and Production Technology, Vaccine Design & Development, Conjugate vaccines, Vaccine Development and Implementation, Public Health Effectiveness of Vaccine Implementation, Vaccines for Infants, Children, and Adults, Vaccines Storage and Handling, Bacterial vaccines, Vaccine Efficacy and Safety, Vaccine adjuvants, Plant derived vaccines, Vaccines and vaccination, Vaccine Safety, Surveillance and Evaluation, Vaccine Industries, Immunization Safety and Vaccination Schedule, Mucosal Vaccines, Human Vaccines, HIV Vaccines, Fish Vaccines, Travel Immunization, Tuberculosis Vaccines, Veterinary vaccines, DNA vaccine, Vaccine Research & Development

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